Hobo Pie Toasted Sandwich by Stuffin-it Fresh Hobo Pie Toasted Sandwich by Stuffin-It fresh
What's a "HOBO PIE" ?
A “Hobo” is described as a wanderer who has established no residence and travels by train from place to place looking for temporary work.  They would receive leftover food from the citizens who employed them.  After a long days work the “Hobo’s” would start a open-fire and have a hot meal by using two "Pie"  shaped cast iron plates connected to long rods and wooden handles.

This method became popular with campers in the 60’s and 70”s.  The cast iron pie maker would have families all over the world making their favorite toasted sandwiches over a open campfire.  

To modernize this method Stuffin-it Fresh has test marketed a healthy alternative to fast food by creating a 
“Hobo Pie”.  A  hot stuffed toasted crustless sandwich which is crimped and sealed. Made with all natural FRESH ingredients and no preservatives.  A "Hobo Pie" is 5 inches in diameter and weighs between 4-6oz.  The response from consumers was amazing.  In one year, over 35,000 “Hobo Pies” were sold.

These delicious toasted sandwiches are perfect for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Appetizer & Dessert.  The ingredient possibilities are endless.  Our secret ingredient is LOVE.
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"Stuffin-it With the Freshest Ingredients
Crimped &
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    It's about time someone has come up with good food and not fried junk!!! A Hobo Pie? I've never heard of them until now and Im so glad I tried it. Try anyone and you will be hooked.
    Nikki Y
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    My curiosity is what sparked my interest that resulted in such a beneficial and magnificent discovery. The best, freshest. delicious, healthiest toasted sandwich I have ever tasted!
    Steve P